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1244 York Mills Rd. North York .ON-M3A 1Y7
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  • Residential & Commercial Electrician in North York, ON

    24 Hour Electrician Near YOU in North York, ON

    It is always a good choice to consult or hire a professional when dealing with lighting as it involves the electrical wiring of your house. This prevents the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires, and overall damage to your household. Contact PK today to add that something special you’ve always wanted for your property.

    Our certified electricians are highly experienced professionals that are knowledgeable and careful – they understand how to install Pot lights safely and efficiently. Our electricians are experts at installing your pot lights in beautiful arrangements, whether in straight lines or creative curves. They’ll be able to equally space your recessed lights while avoiding important parts of the roof structure above your ceiling.
    The safety and comfort of your house and family are the most important thing in life. Don’t settle for less.

    Professional Pot Light Installation

    No matter how well-designed your home, bad lighting can really kill the mood. Pot lights are an option that when used strategically can remedy that. The goal for Pot light is to add not only visibility but also interest and ambiance to your environment. They’re bright, good-looking, popular and practical. Probably Pot lights are brighter than many other light fittings and are great for lighting up the following areas:
    Family room, Living and Dining rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hall ways, Basements and …..
    Pot lights (recessed lights or downlights) add elegance to your home and are a practical, cost-efficient source of light for areas where good visibility and ambiance is important.

    Pot lights Installation Benefits

    • Elegance and ambiance in your house.
    • Attractively placed lights just where you want them.
    • Instantly add value to your home.
    • Safe, efficient and professional installation.
    • A more comfortable house with proper lighting where you need it most.
    • Add a dimmer to your pot lights to make your room more efficient or set the mood.

    Pot lights need to be installed in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and safe against the risks of overheating and fire. When we install your pot lights, you’ve got peace of mind that the safety of your house or condo and loved ones are in good hands.

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